Years 7-11: The International Middle Years Curriculum Framework  aligned with the Common Core Standards.

The IMYC Process of Learning

Learning with the IMYC follows six-week units that are based around a conceptual idea, called the ‘big idea’. This enables students to find links in their subject learning and make meaning though personal, inter-personal and global perspectives. An example of the big idea for one IMYC unit is: ‘Things are more stable when different elements are in the correct or best possible proportions’.

The curriculum challenges students to take the lead in their learning, develop personal ideas, work with peers and take risks in a safe environment, helping them to become confident, independent and engaged learners. At the end of each unit, students present their own understanding of the big idea to their teachers and class, to parents or even the whole school in the form of a media project. This gives students the opportunity to develop and present their own ideas, and to regularly practise and improve their communication and technological skills.

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Why 7 Hills Kampala International School chose the IMYC

  1. IMYC is specifically designed around the critical needs of the adolescent brain
  2. IMYC provides a cohesive structure that links learning and develops knowledge, skills and understanding across all subjects from personal, interpersonal and global perspectives.
  3. IMYC aims to support the whole student; the development of personal dispositions and international mindedness are an intrinsic part of every unit
  4. IMYC covers all the learning objectives of the British National Curriculum and packs the academic rigor that prepares students well for their next learning stage at the GCSE A Levels, IGCSE or IB Diploma.
  5. IMYC uses formative assessment to evaluate students by finding out what they can do and then giving them feedback on how to improve. It is a powerful educational tool that raises achievement and prepares children to be lifelong learners.
  6. IMYC provides autonomy for teachers to choose how to reach each learning goal, and how to adapt it to individual student needs to facilitate learning and skills development.
  7. IMYC creates formal opportunities for subject teachers from multiple disciplines to collaborate and provide a cohesive learning experience for all students thereby promoting relevance, engagement, skills and subject knowledge acquisition.
  8. The IMYC Members’ Lounge, supports our teachers in their planning and use of the curriculum, connects them to a worldwide learning community and gives them access to several handy educational tools.