The 7 Hills Board of Directors holds itself accountable to the highest standards. It continually strives to meet the students’ needs and to cultivate a working environment that provides a human approach for faculty and students alike. As parents themselves, the members of the Board understand the importance of a balance between a quality and an affordable education for secondary children. The Board remains committed to maintaining this balance.

rominaRomina Wilke Köhler

Romina is the Honorary Consul of Switzerland to Uganda and holds an LLM. She is a mother of three and has lived in Uganda since 2006.  Romina was a pioneer of the 7 Hills project because of her strong belief that learning should be fun, practical and nourish creativity. Through 7Hills, she has created the option of a holistic education where sciences, the arts, humanities and sports are balanced, and creativity and innovation are nurtured.

jasjatJasjit Mangat Liddar

Jasjit is a 4th generation Asian Ugandan with strong ties to Uganda and has a Bachelors of Arts (honors) in French Linguistics and translation studies. She is a mother of two and is the owner of Bistro Restaurant in Kisementi. Jasjit, another pioneer of the 7 Hills project was driven by the need to have a well-balanced, grounded and affordable international school for her two boys and other children their age in Kampala.

rebeccaRebecca Namatovu

Rebecca is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Commerce at Makerere University Business School. She is a mother of three who joined the 7 Hills project to give her children a balanced education that involved creativity, confidence and critical thinking, while also having a purposed goal to make a contribution to the world.

winfredWinfred Adukule-Meuter

Winfred is a mother of one and a practicing Advocate of the High Court of Uganda. She bought into the project for 2 reasons, first, to see a school that will offer an all round experience to prepare her child for whatever the world will throw at her. Secondly, a pocket friendly school that is abreast with the economic realities of the day but also all encompassing of what is expected of an International school. She feels that most of all, 7 Hills brings on board a clean canvas which both parents and the teachers are eager to paint with the experiences learnt from the existing international schools.

samSam Dawa

Sam is an entrepreneurship scholar in Makerere University Business School. He joined this initiative because he has a passion for education reform and believes that learning should entail innovative approaches that strengthen a child’s adaptability and sensitivity to others and the environment around them. He wants an education that fosters cooperation and resilience in the face of anticipated and unanticipated challenges with the ultimate goal to make the world a better place than it has been before

zhongMr. Zhong Shuang Quan

Zhong holds a Bachelors of Arts in Business Management from the Sichuan Normal University. He is a prominent businessman with diversified interests in East Africa, Asia and other parts of the world specialising in the fields of manufacturing, farming and transport. He has managerial experience in Trade and Manufacturing Enterprise spanning over several years. His interest in founding the school with the rest of the team is for his daughter and also to show gratitude to Uganda and it’s people who have always been good to his family.