7Hills International School

Admission Procedure

7Hills Admissions Procedures

7Hills aspires to be an inclusive school and operates an open admissions policy.  Admission is not determined by academic level alone but the suitability of the school for the student and our ability to meet each student’s needs. 

7Hills is committed to only admitting those students whose needs can be met by the services available. To that end, following completion of our application form, the family meets with the Head of School, the student attends a shadow day and is interviewed by the Head of School. 

A generic assessment is taken by all students. Should a student’s performance be so low as to make it difficult for the school to meet the student’s needs given the services available, the student will not be admitted. Where there is reasonable doubt, a three-month probationary period will be given as a condition of admission.

7Hills are open to admitting students with mild to moderate special educational needs but must carefully assess those needs prior to admission to determine the school’s ability to fulfil them.

Parents are asked to identify any known needs on the enrolment form. Where a student is already receiving additional support or is known to have any special needs, parents are required to provide assessments, Individual Education Plans, or other documentation about the identified need.

A Confidential Report Form is sent to all student’s previous school requesting details of the current support given to the student.

In the event of physical disability, a risk assessment would be carried out to ensure that the school is not putting a student at risk by admitting them. Every effort to enable access would be made but the school reserves the right not to admit a student if the cost of creating the needed access was beyond the reach of the school. 

The Process

  1. Complete the application forms for each student. Forms can be downloaded from www7hillskampala.com. A tour of the school and meeting with the Head of School is available on request.
  2. Submit all application documents with proof of payment of the application fee (100 USD).
  3. Make an appointment for the student to take shadowing day and the English/Math proficiency assessments and an interview with the Head of School.
  4. Registration fees (350 USD) to be paid in the bank paid to secure a place for the student.
  5. A notification of acceptance will be sent by the school on successful completion of application.
  6. Sign a fee agreement and complete the first tuition payment and pay development fund of 1500 USD (one time off payment).
  7. Registration and enrollment of the student for the agreed school year.

Required Application Documents

  • Application Form
  • Emergency Information Form
  • Medical and Physical Information Form
  • Student vaccination card
  • Media and release consent form
  • School transcript/report card from last 2 school years
  • Parent(s) and student(s) copies of passports
  • 4 passport size student photos

Bank Details

Bank: Diamond Trust Bank
Account Title: 7Hills International School Ltd
Account Number (UGX): 0096968001
Account Number (USD): 0096968002
Branch: Diamond Trust Bank – ISBAT
Swift code: DTKEUGKA

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