IGCSE Success

Our 2022 IGCSE Candidates performed very well. We congratulate everyone for this good performance.

Developing Creativity

We develop imagination and critical thinking to create new and meaningful forms of ideas.

Active Learning

Our small Student Teacher Ratio ensures that the learners can have an engaging and personalised learning experience.

Involving Teachers

Engaging lessons. Our curriculum is relevant and hands-on.

Sports and Fitness

We do sports every morning and have a rich extra curricular program. Our 7Hills Hawks are part of an Interschool Sports League and they are doing wonderfully.

Watch our 7Hills Video to find out more about the School

Message from the head of school

Welcome to 7Hills International School.

In a very short time, our School has established itself among the leading international schools in Uganda for its forward-thinking educational philosophy. 7Hills students have thrived through the inter-disciplinary approach of the International Middle Year Curriculum (IMYC) and the high academic rigour of the British International Curriculum (IGCSE and IA Level). In 2022 the School saw its first IGCSE results, where 52% of our students achieved an A* or A. In 2023 we became the fourth school in Uganda awarded membership by the Council of International Schools (CIS) – a quality mark which recognises 7Hills as a premier educational institution around the world.

While academic excellence sits at the centre of what we do here, we are also passionately committed to holistic education. We seek to produce fully rounded students who exhibit compassion to others, integrity in their decision-making, and who can balance the various demands placed on them. We want to encourage our students to preserve a love and knowledge of Africa, whilst at the same time preparing them for the international world of the 21st century. To develop students with an inner confidence, but an outward humility. Who can problem-solve and think creatively. Who can become the future leaders of their communities.

7Hills has a vision to foster in young people a sense of adventure in learning, which emanates from its Founders and core values. Named after the seven hills upon which Kampala is built, the parents who created the School wanted to provide the same strong foundation for a world-class institution. It is no wonder that 7Hills is producing students who are incredibly successful by any measure, but who also possess a strong depth of character.

We see all our students as holding the future in the palm of their hands and are committed to ensuring that they are prepared to make the world they inhabit the best it can be. I would encourage you to come visit our School and meet our outstanding students and inspiring teachers!

Mr. Ves Ivanov
Head of School

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