7Hills International School

Our Story

Our Story

The idea for starting the school

Named for the seven hills on which Kampala is built, 7Hills International School was founded by a group of like-minded parents living in Uganda who were looking for a secondary school with the quality of teaching and care that they wanted for their children. They created 7Hills to provide an affordable international secondary education that develops the whole child – intellectually, emotionally and physically, and provides a safe and stimulating environment for them to learn. A school that inspires children to reach their full potential by teaching them to express themselves, think critically, solve problems, enjoy what they are learning, and become lifelong learners.
For this forward-looking school, the founders chose the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC), that is specifically designed for 11-14 year-old secondary school students for years 7, 8 and 9. The curriculum’s framework provides a fun and challenging environment for teenagers to help develop knowledge, critical thinking and strong moral values and is designed to encourage the highest achievement of every student, by defining the knowledge, understanding, and skills that students should acquire during the middle years.
7Hills combines the advantages of a small school, where each student is known individually, with an exceptionally broad curriculum ranging from traditional academic subjects and sport, to the creative & performing arts and computer science. The school features comfort- able academic classrooms, a fully functional science lab, computer lab facility, a fully stocked international library, music and art rooms, fine arts and performance spaces and extensive sporting facilities at Lugogo Stadium.
7Hills welcomed its pioneer Year 7 class in August 2017. The school will continue to grow a year at a time and will offer the full suite for secondary: Years 7 through to 13, by 2023.


To inspire our children to reach their full potential by fostering curiosity and an interest in learning, awakening their minds and illuminating their world.


To create an affordable international secondary school with a high standard of education where children learn through practical and project-based work. To develop our students’ moral and intellectual capacity, and to encourage creativity and adaptability.


An education that is broad, balanced and challenging, with an emphasis on developing strong connections to our host country, Uganda.


Desire for lifelong learning; an ability to adapt; be innovative and reflective thinkers; open minded, and empathetic while achieving high academic success according to individual potential

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