7Hills International School


International Middle Years Curriculum (Year 7 to Year 9)

The IMYC Learning Process

Learning with the IMYC follows six-week units that are based around a conceptual idea, called the ‘big idea’. This enables students to find links in their subject learning and make meaning though personal, inter-personal and global perspectives. An example of the big idea for one IMYC unit is: ‘Things are more stable when different elements are in the correct or best possible proportions’.
The curriculum challenges students to take the lead in their learning, develop personal ideas, work with peers and take risks in a safe environment, helping them to become confident, independent and engaged learners. At the end of each unit, students present their own understanding of the big idea to their teachers and class, to parents or even the whole school in the form of a media project. This gives students the opportunity to develop and present their own ideas, and to regularly practise and improve their communication and technological skills.
Technology is fully integrated into the curriculum. Teachers and students use Google Classroom which enables students to access lesson resources and complete assignments outside of school. Each student has access to a laptop and a personal kindle. Robotics is taught as part of the Science curriculum.

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